Our Education Approach

The Spaghetti Bridge Student

Students at Spaghetti Bridge require additional support to that which is provided in a mainstream setting. Our students:

  • Have an EHCP
  • have a variety of needs including social, emotional and mental health, autism, ASC and ADHD
  • have a lack of confidence in their ability to learn and thrive
  • have a lack of confidence in their ability to learn and thrive and, as a result, can struggle to fulfil their underlying potential

Research shows that if a young person's needs are met then they are more likely to fulfil their potential and reach their outcomes. Our creative, individualised approach to learning takes into consideration students' needs and is adapted as students achieve personal and academic growth.

Needs and Outcomes

At Spaghetti Bridge:

  • Student needs are met through building a bespoke timetable and curriculum to support their transition into the school
  • Our relational support approach ensures that needs are reviewed regularly and strategies are shared, used and changed if necessary. This is continuous
  • Our curriculum fosters students interests and is flexible in its design
  • We set milestones linked to both their needs and outcomes to demonstrate how students make personal progress as well as academic progress. We celebrate all their achievements

The pathway we use to support students with becoming themselves and changing the world, is our Three Phase Curriculum.

Overcoming Barriers

Our curriculum begins with enabling students to overcome barriers and build a connection with learning. 

During the Overcoming Barriers phase students will:

  • Re-engage with education through a bespoke transitional timetable 
  • Access a personalised curriculum designed around their interests
  • Build trusted relationships ensuring they gain a sense of belonging and feel safe

21st Century Skills

Once students are re-engaged and are building a curiosity around learning, we develop the whole student through our unique approach, Enterprise Learning along with supportive skill up sessions. 

During the 21st Century Skills phase students will:

  • Develop a range of skills, knowledge and understanding across a variety of subjects through our Enterprise Learning Approach
  • Learn how to be successful in the 21st century environment 
  • Make progression towards EHCP outcomes through the achievement of individualised milestones
  • Teach students how to problem solve, collaborate and take pride in beautiful work

Community Ready

As students become motivated about their next steps and want to plan towards goals they enter our final phase, Community Ready. This phase helps students to progress to their next phase of life, be it meaningful education, employment or training. 

Through the Community Ready phase students will:

  • increasingly apply their skills, knowledge and understanding within school and extend these into the community 
  • gain qualifications and some will take part in work experience
  • manage transition-based activities
  • gain the resilience, independence and social and cultural skills